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TUFF TV launched on June 30, 2009 and is owned by TUFF TV Media Group, LLC. TUFF TV is America's first digital broadcast television network to offer original programming targeted at men. TUFF TV will relaunch in 2024 as a broadcast and streaming channel worldwide.

TUFF TV includes a synergistic combination of content genres aimed at the 18 to 54 male demographic. TUFF TV provides the first-ever mix of these specific genres on one network. Programming content consists of Movies, Drama, Reality & Sports.

TUFF TV was created by Lou Seals, CEO of Atlanta-based Seals Media Company (Sealsco). The firm was founded in 1984. Sealsco is a nationally recognized media holdings company, and a producer, owner, and distributor of television programming and filmed entertainment content.

Since its inception, Sealsco has been an industry leader and one of the largest and most successful independent companies of its kind. With a track record of combining youth with experience for over 40 years, Sealsco has built a recipe for success, innovation, and accomplishment while maintaining its entrepreneurial spirit.

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