New TUFF Programming - June 2023

TUFF TV is proud to launch three new shows and a new season of a TUFF classic for the month of June! In the wake of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, Crypto Crow is here to show all our viewers how to make the most of this exciting opportunity. Meanwhile, Long Haul's King of the Road offers a unique window into the world of an American tradition - long haul trucking. Foodie Adventures: Gulf to Table is cooking up some delicious adventures from the Gulf Coast. Finally, World Tennis with Harry Cicma is back for another season, with its classic blend of good sport and backstage coverage.  Look below for more information and airtimes, and don't forget to check out to full TUFF schedule here.

Crypto Crow
Monday  @  8:00 PM Eastern
Tuesday @  2:00 AM Eastern
The Crypto Crow show aims to teach how and why so many are becoming wealthy from blockchain technology. Host Jason Appleton offers lessons on blockchain technologies, including Bitcoin and altcoin markets, as well as security methods, trading practices, and tools.   
Long Haul's King of the Road
Monday   @  9:30 PM Eastern
Thursday @  9:30 AM Eastern
This exciting new series will focus on the extraordinary lives of America’s truckers. With great storytelling, drama, and lifestyle insights from ‘work hard, play hard’ Americans, Long Haul’s King of the Road presents an America that many of today's folks never get to experience.
Foodie Escape: Gulf to Table
Tuesday @ 12:30 PM Eastern
Friday    @   3:00 PM Eastern
Foodie Escape: Gulf To Table takes you to the heart of the Gulf Coast where renowned local anglers, restauranteurs, and chefs take an unprecedented approach to catching and cooking seafood.
World Tennis with Harry Cicma
Saturday @  4:30 PM Eastern
Sunday   8:30 PM Eastern
Emmy-Award-winning sports host and former world ranked professional tennis player Harry Cicma covers the full tennis circuit, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with the legends of the sport.