New TUFF Programming - May 2023

TUFF TV is proud to present a slew of new content for the month of May 2018! Daily Flash and Talking Pictures are bringing regular fresh talk and news, while Ship Shape offers a look into the beautiful and suprisingly dramatic world of yacht renovation. Meanwhile, Sporting Dog Adventures is back to some classic family fun in the outdoors! Look below for more information and airtimes, and don't forget to check out to full TUFF schedule here.

Daily Flash
Weekdays @ 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern
Fresh out of Miami, Daily Flash is bringing a hefty mix of what's trending, viewer interaction, celebrity interview, and lightweight flotsam and jetsam. Join hosts Ana Quincoces of Real Housewives of Miami and Warren Wright every weekday for discussion on these matters and more, on Daily Flash.
Ship Shape TV
Monday   @ 11:30 PM Eastern
Tuesday  @ 3:00 AM Eastern
Saturday @ 8:00 PM Eastern
Sunday   @ 7:00 AM Eastern
Ship Shape TV is a half-hour boat improvement "how-to" series, similar in format to some of today's most successful home improvement shows. However, this is no home or building being beautified... Ship Shape's action takes place on some of today's most luxurious pleasure boats!
Talking Pictures
Wednesday @ 9:00 AM Eastern
Saturday     @ 12:30 PM Eastern
Sunday       @ 10:30 AM Eastern
                  & 8:00 PM Eastern
Talking Pictures is the Emmy-Award-winning program that takes you up close and behind the scenes of today's biggest films with its hosts, Tony Toscano & Raquel Horton. Featuring reviews, previews, interviews, and scenic views of Tony himself, Talking Pictures is a fresh way to stay connected to the movie industry.
Sporting Dog Adventures
Monday   @ 11:30 AM Eastern
Thursday @ 10:30 AM Eastern
Friday     @ 10:00 AM Eastern
Saturday @ 12:00 PM Eastern
Sporting Dog Adventures is an outdoors show for the whole family, with a special focus on the sporting dogs of the hunting and outdoors world. Sporting Dog Adventures stays true to its name, trading a focus on products or showmanship to stay centered on the dogs and love of the outdoors.